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About us

About us

Who we are.

Global Direct Link Co.,(GDL), a member of Union of Myanmar Federation of Chamber of Commerce and Industry (UMFCCI), is in operation its businesses since January, 2012 at 98(B), Inya Road, in Yangon, Myanmar.

Main functions are promoting business activities between Japan and Myanmar through mutual beneficial perspectives & cooperation especially in Trade, Media, Advertisement and Research & Consultancy Services.

GDL started into Media Industry in 2014 as a sole investor for printing and publication of Global New Light of Myanmar English Daily (GNLM) after installation of modern printing facilities in Yangon, Myanmar under the Joint Venture Agreement with the News & Periodical Enterprise of the Ministry of Information.

Global New Light of Myanmar English Daily (GNLM) was well known as state owned English Daily Newspaper for decades and transformation is under way.


How do we do things.

GDL has the following departments, namely

  1. Global Information Service and Communication Department (GICD)
  2. Global Business Strategy and Planning Department(GBSP)
  3. Pre Implementation and Risk Management Department(PIRM)
  4. Ground Operation and Result Measurement Department (GORM)

Organization structure

How are we organized.

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Contact Us

#98/B, Inyar Road, Kamaryut township, Yangon, Myanmar. Phone: +95 1 513178, Fax: +95 1 511386